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Dormway Environmental Policy

Dormway Pty Ltd specialises in the provision of civil construction through design and development, project management, plant & equipment hire, earthworks, pipeline construction, concrete structures, cable laying and rehabilitation of pipelines and concrete structures.


We are committed to a policy of providing high quality products and services in a manner which will protect the environment now and for future generations. This includes:

  • Sustainable resource use;
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation; and
  • Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

We will work closely with our clients, contractors, the community, industry and external agencies to establish the controls by which we can make a positive contribution towards innovative and cost-effective and sustainable environmental outcomes.

Responsible management of environmental issues is an essential part of achieving our business objectives.

Accordingly, we are committed to conducting our activities in ways which will:

  • Improve our awareness and management of environmental risks;
  • Prevent pollution;
  • Fulfil compliance obligations;
  • Promote waste minimisation;
  • Continually improve the system to enhance environmental performance.

We, through our management and workers, will ensure our operations comply with this policy by developing, implementing and maintaining a system based on ISO 14001.

The Environmental Management System will:

  • Set a clear policy direction for environmental issues and objectives.
  • Contain measurable objectives and targets;
  • Establish systems for auditing monitoring and reporting performance.
  • Identify and promptly resolve any non-conformances and document any necessary procedural changes.

This policy shall be reviewed on an annual basis.